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June 2013

Father's, Get the First Month FREE!

Read Books for Free, on Father's Day
Happy Father's Day! As a father myself, one of my favorite past times is spending time reading with my son. It doesn't matter if I'm reading to him, or I'm sitting with him while he reads. The enjoyment is all the same. Sharing a story together, is building our relationship that will last a life time. To celebrate Father's Day on June 16th, 2013, we are discounting the first month of every monthly membership by 100%! That's right, we are giving away the first month for FREE. Use Coupon Code - " FATHER13 " on Checkout Here are some suggested books to get you started. Just use the coupon above...

How I'm Earning my "Dad Badge"

How I'm Earning my "Dad Badge"
We all have different experiences with our parents growing up, and mine wasn't exactly perfect like you see on TV, but now as a father myself, I'm earning my "Dad Badge." It's a big responsibility to be a father and having a baby is really just the first step that enables fatherhood. It's everything else that follows that makes you a father. Playing, reading, bathing, talking, listening, laughing, and learning with each other are just a few of the things that go into it. When the nurse wheeled our son into our hospital room when he was born, my wife and I both looked at each other and had no...

Earning My "Dad Badge"

How Brad is Earning his "Dad Badge"
I’ve learned in my last 7 years of being a father (actually, my kids are 5 and 7, so I think that counts as 12 years) that there’s no finish line when it comes to being a good parent. There’s no momentous day when I can think “Whew! I made it. Yesterday I wasn’t a good father, but today I can claim that honor.” Being a good parent is the accumulation of many small victories and insights and adaptations that add up over the years. For example, as any working parent knows, trying to find quality time to spend with your kids is tough. Getting them ready for school in the morning while also...

Top 10 Ways I Earn My "Dad Badge" Every Day

Top 10 Ways Fred Lawson Earns His Dad's Badge
Submitted by Fred Lawson, father of 2 boys. The Top Ten Ways I Earn my "Dad’s Badge" (with two boys, 8 and 7): 10. I know when to break up the wrestling before someone gets hurt. 9. I make sure each boy gets a kiss at bedtime. 8. I ask them about their day each evening and then listen to their stories. 7. I play sports with them, and I mean all sports. 6. I make sure they try new things and go new places. 5. I help teach them right from wrong, respect, patience and understanding. 4. When necessary, I administer the appropriate discipline and/or punishment. 3. I celebrate their victories and...

Earning My "Dad Badge" With Love

How Markus Hummel Earns his "Dad Badge"
Parenting is a life-long commitment to excellence. Give it your best and all your energy. Your kids are your most precious possession. I am lucky enough to have three (13/11/8). The early years were hard as you have to figure things out. I learned that children strive on structure and discipline, another reason why you end up having a boss in your adult life! Somebody has to be in charge. So while you teach your kids life lessons, your kids also make you a leader. If you feel stressed about parenting get help - there is plenty out there - or call your mom and dad! My kids love hearing...

Let's Go Camping!

Let's Go Camping!
When we're not reading books online with our child, we like to unplug and head for the outdoors. For our first summer vacation of the year, we decided to go camping near Lake Tahoe. At dinner we asked our son to pack some things to play with on our trip. He packed his usual collection of trucks and Hot Wheels, but I noticed he also grabbed for a movie we recently checked out from the public library. “Honey what’s that for?” I asked. "So we can watch a movie over there.” he answered. It made me realize that although we read every night with our son, either online or traditionally, he has grown...