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December 2013

Train Your Kids Like Piper The Elf Trains Santa!

Book Review of Piper the Elf Trains Santa
Piper the Elf Trains Santa Written and Illustrated by Colleen Driscoll, Brian Dumm Published by Headline Books Review by Eric L. Zielinski Uh-oh! It’s that time of year again and Mrs. Claus is worried that Santa won’t fit into his suit for the BIG DAY. Evidently, Santa’s been practicing his milk-and-cookies routine during the off-season and put on some extra pounds! In this comical adventure, Piper the Elf Trains Santa , Mrs. Clause asks Piper to be Santa’s personal trainer, but there’s a problem: Santa doesn’t want to exercise and Piper has no personal training experience. In fact, she doesn...