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Hello! MagicBlox Friends and Family :) We're so glad to meet you by way of the internet. I'm Greg Devlin (Co-Creator) of the Neon Tiki Tribe project and we (our awesome team of writers, illustrators, web designers, app builders, translators, teachers and educational consultants) look forward to talking with the MagicBlox community. I'm a USAF disabled veteran, survivor of a Titan II Missile Explosion (9-19-80 / Damascus AR) and my survival story is featured in "Command and Control" written by Eric Schlosser (9/13 release date). I live in central Florida and my wife (Annette) and I have 4...

Creator Spotlight August 2015 - Diana Pishner Walker

Diana Pishner Walker
Diana Pishner Walker was born in Clarksburg, WV and is the daughter of the late Louis and Anna Allessio Pishner. She attended Notre Dame High School in Clarksburg, WV and graduated in 1977. She attended Fairmont State College, Fairmont WV and is employed by the Marion County Board of Education as a “Fast ForWord” computer aide at East Dale Elementary School. Diana resides in Fairmont, WV with her husband Mark and their three children Curt, Courtney, Chris and his wife Ashley. They have two grandsons Ashton Louis and Austin Maddox. Diana’s Italian roots run deep. Her maternal grandparents were...

Creator Spotlight July 2015 - Sarah Case Mamika

Sarah Case Mamika
Over the years at MagicBlox, we have run into some wonderful creators and still continue to meet more. Starting this month, I'd like to showcase our authors, illustrators and publishers so you can see beyond just the pages of their books. This month, I'd like to shine the light on Sarah Case Mamika, the creator of great books such as Lost at the Fair , Alone in the Dark , and Ship Ahoy . She was one of the first authors to adopt our audio narration feature, so most of her books have also been turned into audio books to combine sound with the beautiful writing and illustrations. Find all of...

Discovering A Mother’s True Love With Leni Lovebird

Where is Love?
Written by Eric L. Zielinski I get the sense that a lot of Dads out there are struggling to find the time to read to their children because they are so wrapped up with office work , yard work and all the work it takes to simply help get the kids ready for school and bedtime. My three children are all 5 years old or younger, so trust me when I say that I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND where you’re coming from. This is why I am always looking out for creative ways to hit two (or three or four!) birds with one stone. Don’t you?!? Where is Love? from the MagicBlox online library is a perfect fit if this...

The Easter Story: Presented By MagicBlox

The Easter Story: Presented By MagicBlox
By Eric L. Zielinski, MagicBlox Staff Writer With all the excitement about chocolate bunnies and finding candy-filled eggs this time of year, don’t forget to share with your kids the REAL meaning behind the Easter Holiday Yet another Twin Sisters classic, the last week of Jesus’ life is masterfully retold in simple-to-understand language and beautifully choreographed illustrations that your beginning readers are sure to love! Movie Night With MagicBlox One of the special features of this book is that it is narrated, and your kids will want to read (and reread it) again and again! Just last...