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Creator Spotlight July 2015 - Sarah Case Mamika

Sarah Case Mamika

Over the years at MagicBlox, we have run into some wonderful creators and still continue to meet more.  Starting this month, I'd like to showcase our authors, illustrators and publishers so you can see beyond just the pages of their books.

This month, I'd like to shine the light on Sarah Case Mamika, the creator of great books such as Lost at the Fair, Alone in the Dark, and Ship Ahoy.  She was one of the first authors to adopt our audio narration feature, so most of her books have also been turned into audio books to combine sound with the beautiful writing and illustrations.

Find all of Sarah's books here.

Sarah Case Mamika worked for the U.S. Government while accompanying her military husband around the country and overseas.  Her writing was inspired by the adventures her children experienced during their travels.  She found that rhyming was her favorite way to write, and now has 11 published children’s books.  She enjoys writing about topics that children deal with every day, such as self-acceptance, doing the right thing, being afraid of the dark, and coping with getting lost, as well as fun adventures.
Sarah grew up on a dairy farm in northeastern Pennsylvania, and now lives in Merritt Island, Florida.
Be sure to read all of her books, and if you have any questions for Sarah, please feel free to comment below.  I know she'll be watching.