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About Us

In 2009, we set out to make books more accessible, engaging, and fun by giving children a reading experience to get excited about, while at the same time, making it easier on parent's wallets.  With a large and growing collection of eBooks for kids 1 to 13 years old, your children get to enjoy new books all the time from award winning authors and publishers from around the world.  In addition to titles you are familiar with from traditional publishers, they also have the opportunity to discover new stories from authors they've never heard of, or try out new languages they've never seen.

Parents, Teachers & Children

Use our online kid's book library as a resource to discover new books you've never seen, bring books with you on the road, or just find something fun to read without having to buy a book or leave the house.  You can choose one of our Access Passes to get access to our books through your browser or tablet.  If you want a few more choices per month, go with the Book Worm Access Pass, which gives you up to 5 books per months.  And if you're really looking for a great reading resource, choose the Butterfly Access Pass and soar with all the knowledge and adventures you'll get.

Our books come from authors & publishers all over the world, who upload new titles pretty much every day, and once we review and approve them to make sure they are safe and appropriate, we add them to our shelves for you to read.  You should feel good knowing that your monthly payments are used to pay the authors and publishers of the books you choose to read every month.



Authors, Illustrators & Publishers

MagicBlox partners with kids book creators, enabling them to enrich children's lives around the world with their wonderful stories.  They use our self service model to quickly add books to our library.  Every book gets reviewed and audited for quality before going onto our shelves, but once it's there, the book is able to be read by users with Access Passes from a web browser, an iPad or Android tablet, as well as an iPhone or an Android phone.

We let them add their award winning books to our library for FREE.  In fact, we even pay them for adding it.  It's FREE marketing and distribution combined with an opportunity to earn some money.  We split the money we make from Access Passes, advertising and sponsorships into an author pool every month.  This pool is then paid out to each author based on how many times their book was read during the month.  It's a formula we think will change the future of independent publishing and the children's book industry.