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Reading Questions

Yes, absolutely.  One of the nice things about reading on MagicBlox is a quick and easy way to print out the list of books your child has read for the week.  Just print it out and bring it to class.


Step 1 - Open your account profile page and go to Reading History under the History tab.

Select Reading History from My Account page


Step 2 - Select the dates you want to view by entering start & end dates and click Apply.

Filter the history by entering start and end dates


Step 3 - Click the Printer Friendly Version link at the top of the page and Print your Reading History.

Print Reading History using Printer Friendly Page

You can start the invite process a couple of different ways.  The main way is to click the Share with Friends badge in the right column.  Another way is to click the link in the footer or your account profile.

Click on Share with Friends badge or link in footer

On the next screen, enter the email addresses of your friends, type a little invite message and click Invite.

Since we allow authors & publishers to quickly and easily add books, we add new ones about every week.  Our book sourcing model is very unique in that we allow creators from around the world to add their books to our shelves for free, and we share our revenue with them when they get read.  Don't worry, we review every book thoroughly before we allow it to be read by children.

To write a review and rate a book, you must be signed in.

Sign In to Write a Review


Once you're signed in, you will see a text box to start typing your review or comment.  

When you're ready, click Submit.

Enter text and submit a review

At this point, you can leave a review or comment for them on their book.  They will receive a notification for any new reviews and will respond accordingly.  Please do NOT leave your email, phone number or address on a comment or review as it is open for anyone to see and we want to encourage Internet safety for kids.

MagicBlox works on pretty much any web browser on Mac and Windows computers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari). Reading from a computer also requires Adobe Flash.  You should also make sure you have the latest and greatest version of your browser and Flash to ensure a seamless experience.  If you want to read on your tablet, we have a native app that works on Android devices.  

No. You do not have to listen to the audio for any book if you don't want.  The default setting for all new accounts is to play audio, but you may quickly disable Auto Play for any book and it will keep your setting for any book you open.

No. You may use one account per family, so if you have more than one child, you are getting an even greater deal.  However, it might be a good idea to get multiple memberships, so you can track each child's reading history separately.

Unfortunately, it is against the terms of use to allow anyone other than your immediate family to use your account.  If you share your account with others, we will have to cancel your membership.  Remember, the money that you're paying to access our books is far less than you would have to pay to purchase even one of them, and our creators have worked very hard to bring these great stories to you.  Thank you for supporting a great community!

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express).

Yes.  You may cancel or downgrade at anytime.  If you have a premium Access Pass, and no longer wish to pay, you will be give a Free Lady Bug membership, so you can continue to read at least 1 new book per month.  If you are less than half way through your membership period, you may get a refund for the unused portion of your membership.  If you cancel your paid membership more than half way through the membership period, you will not receive a refund for that period, but all future payments will be cancelled.   Contact Support if you wish to cancel your membership.

Yes.  Under your account profile, there is a tab with reading history on it.  You may print or email that page at any time.  Attach it to your child's weekly reading log for school.

Print your reading history and include on your child's weekly reading log for school.

We have books good for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced readers, which ranges from Pre-K to 13 years old.  You can filter the library based on those ranges and you can see the age range on the Details tab for each book.

Filter the library by reading level to find books appropriate for your children.Find the reading level on the details tab of each book


Preview any book you want to read for the month and when you get to page 8, you will be prompted to choose it for the month.  Use the "Select" button to add it to your monthly reading choices.   

Your choices will get reset every month on the day you created your account.  If you created your acocunt on March 14th, your choices will get reset on the 14th of every month.

Users who don't have access to the full version of a book get the "Preview" button, which allows you to see the first 8 pages of any book.  Users who have already selected the book as one of their monthly choices or have unlimited access will see the "Read Me" button, which allows you to open the full version of the book.

With our Free Lady Bug Access Pass you are allowed to read 1 book every month.  We also offer monthly and yearly premium options that give you unlimited access to all books. Every Access Pass gives you all features such as audio.

No. Our mission is to make it easier for you and your kids to take a risk on new books without committing a large purchase price.  Our membership prices are structured to allow you to read the books and not own them, so we do not allow printing or downloading.  On our tablet apps, you may take a few books offline to bring with you, but they remain locked within our application and expire when your membership expires.

Yes.  Every book, no matter who uploads it or what they upload, gets reviewed by our team before it's made available to your children.  We will approve books appropriate for kids up to 13 years old.  

MagicBlox partners with authors and publishers from around the world.  We support independent, self-published authors as well as traditional book publishers looking for another way to get their books into your hands.  Part of the revenue we collect from access pass memberships is used to pay them for their work.  Be assured, that we do review every page of every book before it can go onto our shelves, and we will not publish anything innappropriate for your children.

MagicBlox is Free to read 1 book per month with our Ladybug Access Pass.  Every 30 days, your book choice gets cleared and you can choose a new book.  We also have premium options that give you unlimited access to all of our books for $4.99 per month or $38 per year.  

The best option is our Butterfly Access Pass for $38, which saves you 36% per month.

Check out our pricing page for full details.

At MagicBlox, you don't actually buy digital books.  You buy Access Passes for a very small monthly or yearly fee and you can read the books online or on your tablet devices.  If you want to purchase a physical copy of the book, some of our authors & publishers provide links to their own web sites or distribution partners where you can purchase a paper copy.  Clicking the "Buy" button on any book will take you to the link they provide.

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