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May 2013

How to Upload a New Book

Here is a quick introductory video that will help you understand how to quickly and eaily upload your book to our library and start taking advantage of all the great benefits.

My Reading History Log

Our son is in 1st grade now, and for the past 2 years our teachers have asked us to keep track of all the books he's read during the previous week. When reading books with MagicBlox, we've given you a simple way to quickly print out your child's reading history for any time period you wish to filter. Here's how... Step 1 - Open your account profile page and go to Reading History under the History tab. Step 2 - Select the dates you want to view by entering start & end dates and click Apply. Step 3 - Click the Printer Friendly Version link at the top of the page and Print your Reading...

How to Convert Your Book to an Audio Book

Add an MP3 file to your book to make it an audio book
One of our new features is a streamlined audio book creation engine. Here is a short video to show you how to convert your book to an audio book by adding an MP3 file to your book. You can choose either connected or disconnected audio experiences. Connected Audio allows you to create follow along audio narrations that magically play a ding when you want the user to turn the page. Jumping out to any page in the book will start the audio from that point. Disconnected Audio is great for songs or fully produced audio book narrations, where you control the reading experience. Jumping out to any...

Authors and Publishers: Read your books on It's Story TIme on Book Garden Radio at

For It's Story Time:To read your children's picture book on, It's Story Time, Saturdays at 10/11 am est Or Listen On Demand at ant time you like.Books need to be a storybook/picture book and be about 8 to 12 minutes long when read aloud or if your book is shorter we will add another author's book of the same duration on one show. We need:. to send a physical copy of the book. The book is needed even though you are reading the book yourself on the show to see the length of the book, scan and display 4 to 5 pictures from it, one being the cover, and have it in case we have technical problems to...

Happy Memorial Day - Save 50%

Happy Memorial Day! Save 50% on any of our Access Passes.
Happy Memorial Day! As a thank you to all the veterans who fought for our great country, we are extending a 50% discount that can be redeemed until the end of the May. Use the coupon "MEMORIAL" to get 50% off any paid Access Pass and read more than 400 kid's books plus any new ones that get added each month. Select an Access Pass and use this coupon during checkout.