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Discovering A Mother’s True Love With Leni Lovebird

Where is Love?

Written by Eric L. Zielinski

I get the sense that a lot of Dads out there are struggling to find the time to read to their children because they are so wrapped up with office work, yard work and all the work it takes to simply help get the kids ready for school and bedtime. My three children are all 5 years old or younger, so trust me when I say that I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND where you’re coming from. This is why I am always looking out for creative ways to hit two (or three or four!) birds with one stone.

Don’t you?!?

Where is Love? from the MagicBlox online library is a perfect fit if this describes you, especially during Mother’s Day Week! When you read it with the kiddos:

1.     You will get some quality time in.

2.     You will reinforce their reading skills.

3.     You will teach them a thing or two about l-o-v-e.

4.     AND you will get the opportunity to help them figure how to celebrate Mommy this Mother’s Day.


Four birds with one stone! Who said men can’t multitask!!


Where is Love?

Before you read this story with them, ask them the ultimate questions: Where is love?

Have some fun with it and encourage them to give Mommy some love for Mother’s Day.

They may wonder…

Where can I get some love to give to Mommy? Is it at a store? Inside a greeting card? Or maybe in a nice bouquet of flowers? Inside some chocolates?

Then you can read the story to them to find out…


Leni’s Adventure

It was the first dawn of Spring and all of the lovebirds were singing beautiful melodies. Everyone, at least, but Leni. She could barely squeak out a screechy, scratchy sound every time she tried to join the chorus.

“A lovebird without a love song,” she thought, “What am I doing wrong?”

Frustrated, Leni seeks out some help.

“Where is love?” Leni Lovebird asks her mother, desperate to sing a love song of her very own.

Before she lets Mother give her the answer, Leni impatiently scurries off in search of advice from her forest friends. Unfortunately, Leni just can’t seem to find love where others do. Should she take the advice of a busy mole, an old owl, a lolling turtle, or a plump bee? Soon, Leni is struck with the realization that her journey has taken her far from Mother Bird. And now she’s frightened!


Where is Love? - Inside


As she travels the delicate circle back home, she is greeting by her mother and realizes that she had love all along. Love (that is) found ONLY in her mother’s arms!  Overjoyed, she couldn’t help but sing out in grand melody that didn’t squeak or screech like she had always done before.


Where is Love? - Inside


For the first time, Leni realized that the safety, warmth, strength and sweet taste of love could only be found at home!


Where is Love? - Inside


The REAL Lesson

As you read this precious Mother’s Day classic with your kids, remember to highlight that, like Leni, they don’t need to search far and wide for love. They don’t even have to spend lots of money on gifts or candies or flowers to let Mommy know that they love her. True love is found in an embrace, some kind words and (most importantly) time well spent.

Encourage your children to give Mommy what she wants most this Sunday. LOVE!