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Top 10 Ways I Earn My "Dad Badge" Every Day

Top 10 Ways Fred Lawson Earns His Dad's Badge
Submitted by Fred Lawson, father of 2 boys.
The Top Ten Ways I Earn my "Dad’s Badge" (with two boys, 8 and 7):
10.  I know when to break up the wrestling before someone gets hurt.
9. I make sure each boy gets a kiss at bedtime.
8. I ask them about their day each evening and then listen to their stories.
7. I play sports with them, and I mean all sports.
6. I make sure they try new things and go new places.
5. I help teach them right from wrong, respect, patience and understanding.
4. When necessary, I administer the appropriate discipline and/or punishment.
3. I celebrate their victories and console them in defeat.
2. I support my wife and everything she does for our boys.
And finally:
1.   I make sure to tell each of them “I love you” several times a day.

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