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How do I setup and upload my PDF file?

Setup Your Book in PDF Format
  • Before you start uploading your book, you need a medium resolution PDF file with single pages.  Make sure your PDF file includes your front and back cover and they are in the correct position (top and bottom of PDF)

How long will it take for my book to be approved?

Once you submit your book for review, it usually takes us no more than about 24 - 48 hours to review it and approve it.

How will my book be distributed?

All books are available on our web site and in our native apps (currently Android only), and through any application or distribution partners who are paying us to use our content via a paid license.  All reads will be recorded against your book and you will earn credit towards your monthly earnings.  

How do I make money from reads?

Every month we take 50% of all our revenue and put it into a creator pool to be distributed out across all the books. All unique reads are added up and each book is given a percentage of the creator revenue share based on the perdcentage of total unique reads their book generated.  Depending on the reading performance of your book, you will earn a percentage of that revenue share.   Example.  If your book generates 10% of the total unique reads in a month, your book will earn 10% of the creator revenue share.  Over time, we have seen the revenue per read...

Can I set my prices for my books?

Since we don't sell books, you do not need to set a price.  We do allow creators to provide a link where our readers can purchase a copy of your book, which enables a Buy button on your book details page, but we do not get involved in that transaction.  We simply redirect our readers to that link.

When do I get paid?

We allow creators to choose 2 ways to get paid, by PayPal or by Check.  When you join the MagicBlox creator community, you can choose your payment method in your account profile.

If you choose to be paid by Check, we will issue payments on a quarterly basis, once you've cleared $50 of earnings.  You must add your payment mailing address that we can use to send your check to, and it's your responsibility to ensure this address is up to date.  We will process all quarterly payments within 45 calendar days after the end of each quarter, and pay all creators with earnings of more than $...

Do I need an ISBN number for my book?

No.  You do not need an ISBN number.  However, if you have one, please add it to your book to help with search engine discovery and help our readers find your book in other places such as physical libraries and stores.

Do I need a publisher to add my books?

We love books that have gone through the publishing process, but this is the internet, and pretty much anything goes.  We do not require your books be published first. However, we will review it for quality appropriateness before making it available to our readers.

Can I add a book in different languages?

Absolutely. We currently have books in English, Spanish, French and Italian, so if you want to add a book in any other language, we highly encourage it.  We have readers from around the world who appreciate a diverse selection.  You'll need to contact us the language you want to add, so we can add it to the Language drop down list when creating your book.

How do I make my book an Audio book?

You will be able to make your book an audio book at any time, either during upload or in the future as a revision to your book.  All you need is a single MP3 file that has you or someone else reading your book.  Be sure to create about 3 second time gaps in between each page to make it easier to tag page turns.

Once you add your MP3 file to your book, you will have 2 options, Connected Audio or Disconnected Audio.

Connected Experience

This is when you want to create a follow along reading experience, so that when the reader is alerted to turn the page...