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What are the age limits for MagicBlox books?

At the moment, we are focused on provididing reading material to parents, schools with kids between 1 and 13 years old.

My publisher owns the rights to my book. Can I still upload it?

Unfortunately, no.  The only person permitted to upload content is the person who owns the digital distribution rights for the content.  However, please share our site with your publisher, because there are extra benefits that publishers get when adding content to our site, such as their own Publishers showcase page.

How do I create my own Publisher profile page to showcase my company?

Create your MagicBlox account and join the creator community by checking the box on the signup form.  All creators have permissions to create new publishers if they wish.  Fom the Publishers Page, you will see an option on the right side to "Add a Publisher." Just click that and fill out the form.  You will need the Company Name, Description, Web Site URL, and Logo.

Who receives the revenue share for my books?

The person who receives the revenue share for your books is the person listed under Author Payment Information in your My Account area.  Be sure to choose either Monthly or Quarterly option and enter the required payment details in order to get paid properly.

What kind of reporting is offered?

Within your account profile, you will have a My Book and My Earnings tab, which will show you all reading performance and earnings for your books.  Additionally, we will be sending out a PDF file with an overview of all reading performance, earnings, and payment distribution information on a monthly basis via email.

How do I write a blog post or promote a book or event?

All creators are encouraged to write their own blog posts and showcase their work.  The more posts we have, the more search engine exposure we'll have, and easier it will be for new users to find our site.  Additionally, you will be able to get recognition and exposure for your work as well.  Once you are logged in as a creator, visit the News & Events page, and click Create New Blog Entry, and start writing.  You will need to provide at least one image with every blog post.  Feel free to talk about events you have upcoming, new book launches, writing...

What are the minimum and maximum pages for a book?

We really don't have any minimum's or maximum's, but you should know that we are allowing the first 8 pages of any book to be seen by anyone, so if your book is less than 8 pages, it will be entierly open to anyone who wants to check it out.  

Are my books secure?

Yes.  We are taking several digital security measures to protect your work.  Our file system is unaccessible by anyone except our system admins, our servers are in a PCI compliant data center.  All of our reader pages are encrypted and verified by Symantec Verisign SSL certificate, we only allow paying, verified members to access full versions of your books, and nobody is permitted to download or print any of your pages from your books. Additionally, we are also blocking anyone who attempts to create any fruadulent or spam accounts, and limiting how many accounts can be created and...

How is my book being distributed?

As soon as we approve your book to go live on our site, it will instantly be available on our web site, our tablet apps, and any distribution partners who are reselling access to our site.  No matter how your book is read, all reads will be calculated and tracked centrally, and you will receive the benefit.

What are the benefits of adding my books to this library?

By adding your book to our library, you get tremendous upside value, such as FREE Viral Marketing, Digital Distribution, Reviews & Feedback, Instant Global Exposure, and you earn Money when it gets read.  It is also a great way to get discovered by not only new readers, but potential publishers who might be interested in your work.  There really is NO downside to adding your books to our library. It's Secure, Non-Exclusive, FREE and you receive all these great benefits.