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What are the benefits of adding my books to this library?

By adding your book to our library, you get tremendous upside value, such as FREE Viral Marketing, Digital Distribution, Reviews & Feedback, Instant Global Exposure, and you earn Money when it gets read.  It is also a great way to get discovered by not only new readers, but potential publishers who might be interested in your work.  There really is NO downside to adding your books to our library. It's Secure, Non-Exclusive, FREE and you receive all these great benefits.

FREE Viral Marketing - Not only will you benefit from our monthly marketing budget to bring users to our site, but your book will also be available with social media sharing and digital search engine optimization technologies that will allow your book to be shared and discovered through the world wide web.  Readers can create Facebook comments, write reviews, Tweet your book, share on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and all other social media tools available today.  Additionally, your book will benefit from other authors & publishers sharing their books, through our advanced recommendation engine that suggests relevant titles that are similar to what the reader is interested in.

FREE Digital Distribution - As soon as we approve your book, it becomes available on our web site, and mobile tablet apps, as well as any distribution partners who are reselling access to our platform.  If you wanted to create this on your own for a single book, it could cost thousands of dollars to create a single app or web site for your books.  We have done that for you.

Reviews & Feedback - Hear back directly from our readers and learn what works and what doesn't with your work.  See real time ratings, reviews and comments about your books.

Earn Money - Every time your book is read, you earn a portion of the monthly revenue that we generate.  Over time, we believe the revenue / read will only go up, which will create an opportunity to make more per read than you will per sale.

Buy Book Button - Add a link to ANYWHERE on the web where our readers can find a physical copy of your book for sale (Amazon, B&N, your website, etc.), and a Buy button will show up on your book details page that will take our users to that location.  Great for your website SEO rankings and generate additional sales from passers by who find your book on our site.

Interactive Audio Books - Quickly and easily turn all of your books into interactive audio books by uploading a single MP3 audio file with sounds, music, and/or narrations.  Our readers love audio books, and believe it or not, your voice will probably be just fine, but if you choose, professional voice talent would be good too.




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