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My book is in multiple PDF's. How do I combine?

You can use Adobe Acrobat Pro or other PDF stiching tools to combine multiple PDF's into a single file.  You would want to do this if your publisher or designer gave you multiple files for your book.  If possible, try to get a single file from them, as they can probably combine the pages for you very quickly.  

If you still have trouble and don't have resources to figure this out, please contact us and we can try and help you with it.

Who can read the full version of my books?

Only registered users who have Ladybug, Bookworm or Butterfly Access Passes can read the full versions of your book.  The Ladybug Access Pass allows a single user to pick only 1 book per month for free as a promotional tool, and the Bookworm and Butterfly passes are paid access for 5 books and unlimited access, respectively.  All reads from all registered users will be counted towards your reading performance, so don't worry about the Ladybug users.  This is a marketing strategy to encourage users to signup.  We know that not everyone is willing to pay for an Access Pass right away, but we...

How many pages are allowed to be seen for free?

In order to give our readers and potential subscribers a glimpse into your books to make their purchasing decision, we are giving everyone access up to 8 page turns before forcing them to sign in..

How is the revenue share distribution calculated?

Our revenue share model is unique in that we give 50% of all revenue generated back to the creator community.  Once that revenue is split out, we then divide it across all the books based on reading performance every month.  If your book generates 10% of the total Unique Reads for a given month, then your book earns 10% of the creator community portion of the revenue.  Over time, recurring monthly revenue should outpace total reads, which will drive up the revenue/read value for your books. 


What is a unique read?

Unique reads are what we use to evenly balance the reading performance.  1 Unique Read is counted when a user reads a single book on a one day.  The user can read the same book as many times as they want on the same day, but only 1 Unique Read will be counted.  This is done to help prevent any mis-use of our revenue share model and helps to evenly balance reading performance numbers.  

I'm reading my book, but I don't see the reads increasing?

As the owner of your book, we do NOT count your reads, unique reads or total reads.  We also skip any reads from our system admins as well.  This is done to prevent any fraudulent use of our revenue share model. We want to ensure paying users are reading our books.  However, you are allowed to read your own books in full as much as you want to check on them, or just use the service for your own benefit, such as school presentations or library readings.

Can people download or print my books?

Nobody is allowed to download or print any of our books.  It is not possible with our Flash based reader.  Our tablet app will allow our paid readers to be able to download a secure version to their tablet device, but it will NOT be accessible outside of our app and will be deleted upon expiration or removal of the app.

Can I provide a link for readers to buy a physical copy of my books?

Yes.  This is one of the many benefits of adding your book to our library.  You can provide a link to anywhere on the web where our readers can find a pysical copy of your book and we do NOT get involved in that transaction, and do NOT require any kind of royalty or revenue share from you.  It is a great source for backlinking to your own web site or blog, or driving additional Amazon sales.  Think of our site as a free marketing service, working for you.

Do I need to give exclusive rights to MagicBlox?

No.  We encourage all of our authors and publishers to cast a large net and get their books marketed and distributed as far as possible. 

How long does it take to upload my book?

Depending on the size of your PDF file and network bandwidth, it can take as little as few seconds or a few minutes.  Out of all the books we've uploaded so far, the most time we've had to wait for any one book, was about 1 minute, and that was due to slow upload bandwidth.