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Acute Angle and Peter Perpendicular

Acute Angle and Peter Perpendicular
Acute Angle and Peter Perpendicular
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Follow the adventures of Acute Angle and Peter Perpendicular in this cute rhyming story aimed at educating children about the wonders of geometry. Acute comes across Peter who has been run over by an Octahedron. She goes to find Mr Geometry who gives Peter a special tessellated triangle which has unique properties. But when he tries it on, something magical happens.In my role as a relief teacher (substitute), I had the opportunity to teach students some geometry words in English. "Mr, how come we are learning geometry in English?" one student asked. "Geometry is also English" I answered, but they were not convinced, so I offered to tell them a story, which I made up on the spot about Acute Angle who met Peter Perpendicular, who was sad because he had been run over by an Octahedron and was quite a mess with his lines intersecting at funny angles.As a result of this lesson, which was enthusiastically received by the kids, who laughed loudly at my ridiculous acting as I told the story, I thought it would make a great educational book and this book is the direct result.

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Pages: 30
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: B013U2869G
Categories: Action Adventure, Educational, Imagination
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: geometry, math, learning, shapes, educational books
Date Added: August 14, 2015
Paul G Day Illustrations Paul G Day Copyright2015 Paul G Day All rights reserved Acute Angle was walking along one day Not too distant not too far away When she stumbled upon the strangest sight Her friend Peter Perpendicular in a terrible plight Are you ok are you alright Awwwww I think so though my legs arent right What happened Uh oh An Octahedron had for no reason in particular Run right over Poor Peter Perpendicular Now all twisted all mangled and seriously bent You might even say he now looked ridicular Dont worry dont fret I know just what to do Yes I know youll see Acute Angle helped Peter away from the street Though Peter found it hard to move his feet Then she let him rest she left him be To find some help from a certain somebody Boy am I glad That you found me Acute Angle had a fantastic idea And she knew just who to see Somebody who had taught her long ago Yes a very knowledgeable somebody Dont you stress my friend It isnt far Dont worry I wont be long Dont hurry for my sake Ill just wait right here While you Acute are gone After waving to Acute who ran down the street Peter Perpendicular then fell fast asleep And he had the most peculiar dream The strangest vision he had ever seen