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Katie's Adventure

Katie's Adventure
Katie's Adventure
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Katie’s Adventure is an adventure fiction about a girl Katie, who ventures out of the comfort of her home to find a treasure to save the world and during the journey discovers she can change forms. The story blends her quest about herself and the treasure she is set to find. In Iha’s own words:"My body is not staying at human stage. It's changing form beyond imagination. Are these all my avatars? Am I normal human, Mr. Chen? Can my doctor do anything about it?" Katie asked. Mr. Chen scratched his head. "Um, Ms. Woodhaven, I think you are imagining something". "I'm not". Katie said. "I cannot argue" Mr. Chen said, shrugging his shoulders.Katie is no ordinary human. When she goes journeying to save the world, she discovers her secret. A secret that no one can believe, not even her. She wants to fix it. But how? She is alone. No one believes her. How can she fix it? What is her secret?

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Pages: 72
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
Categories: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Imagination
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: mermaid, fairy, treasure, natives, forest, aliens, fairy land
Date Added: June 19, 2014
KATIEs ADVENTURE Written and Illustrated by Iha Bharadwaj   Dedicated to my family who inspired and supported me throughout the journey   Contents Chapter Going on a Journey7 Chapter Life Underwater38 Chapter Walking on the Clouds51   Chapter Going on a Journey Katie sat on the couch while winding her long black hair around her finger She put the news on Aliens are after money from Earth and they are going to attack the Earth if we dont give them the money There is a treasure chest hidden somewhere and whoever finds it is going to be a hero We only have  years to do this dangerous thing This is the only way to save the earth and stop the aliens I dont care if I am going to be a hero Katie said I just want to find the treasure chest so aliens wont attack the Earth Katie dear you are too young to travel all by yourself Katies mother said But I am already years old Katie said  Please dont argue Katie Katies mother said in a calm voice You are way too young Im not Katie said She was now getting sad because she didnt like being treated like a child by her over protective parents Katie went upstairs and washed her face and looked at herself in the mirror brown eyes trimmed eyebrows oval face she thought she was ready to go for a journey To be honest sometimes Katies parents dont agree with her She went into her room and sat on her bed She was an avid fairy tale lover Even after so many years the little girl in herself liked to believe in fairies So to enlighten her mood she watched the movie called The Secret of the Wings When the movie was over her father opened the door Katie we are proud that you want to go on this journey Your mother and I had a talk We decided that you can go Katies father said Yes you can go her year old sister Annie said Katie was so shocked She had never thought that her father would let her go on this journey He did not often let Katie take adventures on her own