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Action Adventure

Santo Goes to Summer Camp (Santo & Sheepy)
No votes yet

Summer vacation time is here! Santo is looking forward to summer camp, but Sheepy decides that someone needs to keep more

Pages 26 Reads 1
Magic Silver Coin Fantasy Story
No votes yet

A fascinating fantasy tale of mystery and how one deed of kindness changed the course of a little girl's life more

Pages 43 Reads 5
The Girl and the White Lion
No votes yet

A young girl once encountered a white, enigmatic lion in a forest, but unknownst to the girl, the lion was something more

Pages 27 Reads 2
Shep the Sheep: The Lost Sheep
No votes yet

Shep the sheep was bored with being a sheep and decided to set out to be a rock star. He fancied himself as someone more

Pages 54 Reads 1
Shep the Sheep: The Lost Sheep
No votes yet

Shep the sheep was bored with his life in the village of Sheepfold and went to the big city of Carnal Vestige to make more

Pages 54 Reads 2
Jake and The Lake
No votes yet

Join Jake and his curious new friends on their important mission to measure the depth of their lake! On his journey, more

Pages 23 Reads 12
Sonny's Long Walk Home
Average: 2.5 (2 votes)

Sonny is a big boy and more than anything, he is a proud Willis. Well, that is what his mom reminds him! One day more

Pages 29 Reads 18
The Dinersaurs
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Dinosaurs were sick and tired of eating the same thing every day...PEOPLE! To solve their diet dilemma, three more

Pages 28 Reads 12
The Terrible Snore
Average: 3 (1 vote)

Sam wakes one night to hear a scary growling sound coming from his parents' room. What could it be? Find out the more

Pages 25 Reads 12
Atomic Soldiers
No votes yet

Celine Rose Mariotti has a new young adult science fiction book and it is entitled “Atomic Soldiers”.  This is the more

Pages 112 Reads 0