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Action Adventure

Jake and The Lake
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Join Jake and his curious new friends on their important mission to measure the depth of their lake! On his journey, more

Pages 23 Reads 4
Sonny's Long Walk Home
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Sonny is a big boy and more than anything, he is a proud Willis. Well, that is what his mom reminds him! One day more

Pages 29 Reads 4
The Dinersaurs
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Dinosaurs were sick and tired of eating the same thing every day...PEOPLE! To solve their diet dilemma, three more

Pages 28 Reads 2
The Terrible Snore
Average: 3 (1 vote)

Sam wakes one night to hear a scary growling sound coming from his parents' room. What could it be? Find out the more

Pages 25 Reads 5
Atomic Soldiers
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Celine Rose Mariotti has a new young adult science fiction book and it is entitled “Atomic Soldiers”.  This is the more

Pages 112 Reads 0
Anthony's Adventures: Already a Winner!
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Anthony is a boy with albinism and he and the sun are not good friends. He knew that sunlight made the flowers and more

Pages 41 Reads 1
Anthony's Adventures: Making Waves
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This is a exciting story about Anthony, a young boy with albinism, who is spending a day at the beach with his more

Pages 39 Reads 10
Where's Santa's Cat
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Santa's cat, Iris, has been lured away by the Dark Fairy. See if Santa can find her in the Enchanted Forest.

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Pages 44 Reads 19
Going to Bremen Town
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This is a fairy tale of adventure as told by the Blue Fairy. Four travelers make their way to Bremen Town and more

Pages 134 Reads 2
Adam's Cape: The Missing Crew
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Adam’s Cape is the swash buckling adventure of two cousins, Kaitlyn and Adam, who are transported from the beach more

Pages 68 Reads 14