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The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly

The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly | Online Kid's Book
The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly
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Once every thousand years, in the kingdom of fairies, a creature quite unlike any other is born. But her birth brings fear. For she is the rarest creature born among fairies. Seen as an evil omen, she is doomed from the very moment she is born and cast aside to live on the fringes of the kingdom, where she must fend for herself, shunned, abandoned, alone. It is here, among the creatures of the forests and swamps, Lilly forms a friendship with a dragonfly. She is happy for a while until she learns the fairies have all mysteriously vanished and she feels compelled to find them. Driven by strange dreams and visions, Lilly will discover the world beyond her home is more magnificent, more terrible and far more beautiful than she could have imagined. So begins an incredible adventure, a fairy tale like no other.  


ChrisGraham's picture
Having read the authors book 'Kipp the Copper Coast Kid' and enjoyed it, I decided to read this one and I was not disappointed! This is a wonderful story for kids of all ages (and adults like me who refuse to grow up) Gentle, but having a vibrance and storyline that keeps the readers interest, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading the follow-up story 'The Black Fairy and the Dragonfly: Escape from the Black Queen' Meanwhile, I intend to read the other stories he has published!

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Pages: 75
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1482694970
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Fantasy
Features: Music, Chapters, Narrations
Keywords: fairy tale, fairies, fable, dragonfly, queen
Date Added: July 22, 2015
PROLOGUE A Rare and Special Gift She is a very rare and beautiful thing. Such a creature is only born once in several generations. She is the tiniest, most fragile of all infants born in the forest. Although she is a fairy, there are no wings developed yet. Between her shoulders, small bumps are all there are to suggest the beautiful wings which will one day grow. Her eyes are wide and white, but her pupils are black like the night. Her hair is dark and fine, with just enough of it peaking at the crest of her petite head to form a small tuft, which curls over at the top like a little wave. She is lifted from the birth flower by an adoring mother who doesn’t seem to have noticed anything unusual about the creature. Her husband has noticed. He wears a worried frown and backs away slightly when the girl is presented to him. “It’s ok. She’s your daughter, your little fairy.” He hesitates, but after a little prompting, he gently takes her into his arms. After a moment a smile creeps across his face. He looks into her bright eyes, which are flicking left and right, up and down, her eyelids blinking as she struggles to take in her surroundings. “She is beautiful.” Her mother reassures him. “Yes…umm, yes she is.” His efforts to disguise his reluctance are not lost on his wife. “So she’s a little darker than normal.” “A little?” “She’s a black fairy. A very rare and special gift.” “Rare. Yes, very.” The little fairy makes some squeaking sounds and a small smile is all that is needed to melt her father’s heart. He lifts her up and into the air and blows through his lips, making a vibrating sound. The girl giggles in response and he is delighted. “We will have to keep her inside…just for a while. The others won’t understand,” her mother says after a while. “Yes. A good idea.” He is relieved. He doesn’t think the Elders will be as ready to accept the little black fairy.