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Walkabout - Urban Hunters #3

Walkabout - Urban Hunters | Online Kid's Book
Walkabout - Urban Hunters #3
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 Billy’s gotta find some girls. The problem is he’s an Aborigine from the Australian bush and all he’s got to wear is a loincloth. Not a good look in the city. And what’s worse, he’s never even seen a girl before. Could life get anymore difficult? Why yes it could. Billy could fall in love ... Billy arrives in the city to mixed reactions: he has to fight off a mongrel old man, he makes a gruesome discovery in a barrel at the tip and wolf-whistles leave leave him confused over the appeal of his bare bum. That’s all easy, until he meets Amber down a rat-infested alley.

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Pages: 105
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9871760-2-8
Categories: Action Adventure, Boys, Environment
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: teen, young adult, humor, humorous, action, adventure, coming of age, survival, children, middle grade
Date Added: July 30, 2015
Titles available in the URBAN HUNTERS series  Four Small Stone s  Tribal Scarring  Walkabout Billy arrives in the city to mixed reactions he has to fight off a mongrel old man he makes a gruesome discovery in a barrel at the tip and wolfwhistles leave leave him confused over the appeal of his bare bum Thats all easy until he meets Amber down a ratinfested alley It was such a fun and entertaining adventure story Great grossout scenes that I loved from the first book I loved the Aussie lingo The humor had me laughing out loud in places Je ssica B USA This writer has done something rare hes come up with something so original that I cant even compare it to other books It stands alone And his humour is really sensational Jack Australia Cant wait for the next in the series as I couldnt put it down They really are good value Ann UK URBAN HUNTERS is laughoutloud gutchurning heart wrenching storytelling at its best Unlike anything youve ever read in typical Taaffe fashion Hilarious as usual Always  surprising Wonderful  Budgie Smuggle rs  Bullie s  The Orphanage  Bowe ls of He ll  Final Straw Urban Hunte rs Box Se t Books  WANTED New Dad  Coming soon For more information on these titles click here to get started Amazon US Urban Hunters Book Series Amazon UK httpwwwamazoncoukGaryTaaffeeB005G035V0 Amazon International httpauthortoGaryTaaffe  Book WALKABOUT Gary Taaffe  Cast of Characters Whenever you come across a character for the first time in this book theyll be linked to the Cast of Characte rs at the end of this story Its a great reminder of whos who in the zoo Plus youll learn how to pronounce their name  Table of Contents Titles Available in the Urban Hunters series Title Page Table of Contents Chapter Walkabout Chapter Turbo Chapter Trash and Treasure Chapter Honey Chapter Love Hurts Chapter Moth Balls Chapter The Shudder of the Dead Chapter Stomp Chapter Ya Bloody Idiot Chapter Sydney Chapter The TakeAway Shop Chapter Tiny White Hairs Ch