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Urban Legends Across America: The A-Z Anthology

Urban Legends Across America: The A-Z Anthology
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A comprehensive guide to the most popular, most terrifying, and most mysterious tales from your own backyard!

Read about the woman who drowned her children, and then herself. Or the monster that haunts the woods of New Jersey. Or the true story behind real-life zombies. Each story is brought back from the dead with a spine-chilling full page illustration.

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Pages: 62
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
Categories: Action Adventure, History, Imagination
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: legend, ghost, story, devil, scary, spooky, america, alphabet, urban, campfire
Date Added: March 7, 2013
Urban Legends Across America The AZ Anthology By Catherine LaPointe  Catherine LaPointe Why Do We Love To Be Scared Ever since I was a little kid reading scary stories by flash light under the covers or sitting enthralled around a campfire ghost stories and urban legends have held a certain fascination for me It s not only the spooky sense of mystery of peeking into the supernatural realm but it was also the illusion of reality that accompanied these tales Some were said to have occurred nearby maybe right around the corner Or they would be passed along as something you heard happened to a friend of your friends brother and so on Even when these stories seem so completely unbelievable they still make you want to look over your shoulder or check the closets before you go to bed because they are so easy to identify with These arent fairy tales from a kingdom far far away they are about the people you know and the places youve been They happened to a couple of normal kids down the block in a town very much like your own Can you afford to be skeptical A mad man with an axe could be lurking in your neighborhood right now So the next time you hear a tale that seems too fantastical to be real but the teller swears they saw it firsthand dont be too quick to dismiss it as fairy tale Some legends have a basis in truth and you might want to take the safe route and just stay off that certain stretch of country backroad on the next full moon Youve been warned My cousin knew these guys who went out camping one summer Alligators in the Sewers New York City New Yorkers have been hearing stories for years about how their peculiar neighbor went down to Florida for vacation and brought back a baby alligator as a pet Once the novelty wears off or the gators start getting too big they are flushed down the toilet like a dead goldfish This is thought to have happened so often that the sewers under neath the city are now swarming with giant albino alligators who never see the light of da