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Final Straw - Urban Hunters #8

Final Straw - Urban Hunters #8
Final Straw - Urban Hunters #8
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 Amber’s idyllic life is turned on its head in a horrible twist of fate. She must now decide, fight for a life of her own or remain a victim at the hands of her mother.

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Pages: 123
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9874937-9-8
Categories: Action Adventure, Boys, Environment
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: teen, young adult, humor, humorous, coming of age, survival, middle grade
Date Added: August 7, 2015
Titles available in the URBAN HUNTERS series  Four Small Stone s  Tribal Scarring  Walkabout  Budgie Smuggle rs  Bullie s  The Orphanage  Bowe ls of He ll  Final Straw Final Staw takes a step back in time to reveal what led to Amber seeking shelter in a cardboard box down a ratinfested alley wearing nothing more than a bloodied pair of pink pyjamas Her idyllic life is turned on its head in a horrible tw ist of fate She comes face to face w ith a cruel murderer in the bush forcing her to decide kill him now or later And should she fight for a life of her own or remain a victim at the hands of her mother I would read ANYTHING this man wrote NEW YORK BOOK REVIEW W D LaRue Masterpiece A must read Ann Cook UK  Real and frightening Great buildup Marie UK Gripping Ethan USA Surprising climax Great ending Anne Australia URBAN HUNTERS is storytelling at its best Unlike anything youve ever read in typical Taaffe fashion Always surprising Wonderful Urban Hunte rs Box Se t Books  WANTED New Dad  Coming soon For more information on these titles click here to get started Amazon US Urban Hunters Book Series Amazon UK httpwwwamazoncoukGaryTaaffeeB005G035V0 Amazon International httpauthortoGaryTaaffe  Book FINAL STRAW Gary Taaffe  Table of Contents Titles Available in the Urban Hunters series Title Page Table of Contents Chapter The Front Gate Chapter Shes Gonna be a Runner Chapter A Good Life Chapter Mongrel Mynas Chapter A Horse Called Rodney Chapter Mary Chapter Roo Poo Yummy Chapter Bugs Bum Chapter Twelve Chapter Eagle Meat Yummy Chapter MEEEOOOWWW said the Bandsaw Chapter Gulp Chapter Freakin Out Chapter Henrys Flaw less Melody Chapter A Downright Menace Chapter dArtagnan Chapter Budget Chapter Bath Chapter Snip Snip Chapter Stew ing in Spew Chapter People Matter Chapter His Mummified Corpse Chapter Tent Chapter Pool Chapter Like a Racehorse Cast of Characters Thank You About the Author Urban Hunters Books Copyright Bonus Feature  En