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Jacob's Haunting

Jacob's Haunting
Jacob's Haunting
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What if the dead never leave us? Twelve-year old Jacob Mitchell recently lost his father to a roadside bomb in Iraq. While Jake and his mother struggle to carry on with their daily lives and keep their family together, strange things start to happen. Shadows fill the halls of their home and Jake soon begins to hear voices and see ghostly images of a girl in the attic windows of the house across the street. Mentally, Jake knows he’s having trouble coping with the loss of his father, questioning his own sanity, and as if he doesn’t have enough problems to overcome, the school bully and his cohorts have him pegged as an easy target. As the girl in the attic continues to appear and Jake learns of her tragic fate, he realizes death isn’t necessarily the end…and the dead aren’t always willing to rest in peace. Through this marvelously written tale of adventure, redemption, family relationships and inner strength, Jake must solve the mystery of a ghost and overcome his inner and outer demons. Will he succeed in time to save his own soul?


lolareed80's picture
aww so sad sorry for your loss
yellow hedgehog's picture
Poetic in parts
anjali02's picture
My grandpa died recently .

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Pages: 193
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781936046515
Categories: Action Adventure, Boys, Family & Friends
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: adventure, scary, mystery, bullying, fathers and sons, hunting, ghosts, military, finding confidence, personal belief
Date Added: February 1, 2011
Jacobs Haunting By JB Struzzi II ISBN  Copyright c JB Struzzi II Cover art by Melissa StruzziEnglesberg All Rights Reserved Any similarities to other books people places or animals living or dead is coincidental No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or stored transmitted or recorded by any means without the written permission of the author Published by Mirror Publishing Milwaukee WI wwwpagesofwondercom Printed in the USA This book is dedicated to my father James B Struzzi who taught me the strength to be a good man and to appreciate the wisdom beauty and spirit inherent in nature I will do the same for my children  Table of Contents Chapter Page 7The Girl in the Window Chapter Page 14The Gray House Chapter Page 23Rottens Fury Chapter Page 28Jakes Resolution Chapter Page 35Shrapnel Chapter Page 51Bullies in the Sun Chapter Page 63Visions Chapter Page 86Missing Pieces Chapter Page 100The Hunter Chapter Page 121Secrets Underground Chapter Page 139Field of Assassins Chapter Page 151The Race in the Rain Chapter Page 172Homecoming Chapter Page 186Epilogue  Prologue Everyday life holds mystery Fleeting allusions of the unknown linger in the fading shadow of each minute and hour that passes Secrets whispered truth revealed creating new challenges questions that compel us to be more tomorrow than we are today Life spins round and round up and down like a carnival wheel riders climb on others off and sometimes the circle brings us back for another opportunity to unveil the hidden forgotten and lost a second chance to make it right  Chapter The Girl in the Window Bruise gray like the fist mark left after a twoday old punch Jacob Mitchell vividly remembered the color of the sky the first time he saw her the girl in the window in that moment his fate unalterably changed The late August afternoon held the impending threat of rain heavy swelled clouds dense with purple and black dimensions billowed overhead like thick noxious smoke A port