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The Littlest Mermaid

The Littlest Mermaid
The Littlest Mermaid
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Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, was the “Land of the Mermaids.” All of the mermaids who lived in this beautiful place looked exactly the same.  Although some might have short hair or long hair, each mermaid was pink with a green tail. One day a little mermaid hatched out of her shell and was different. This littlest mermaid was purple. Young readers will learn a valuable lesson about diversity and acceptance as they read about the littlest mermaid’s adventures in a land filled with sandcastles, seahorses, and trees made of coral.

Book Details

Pages: 27
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781625814623
Categories: Bed Time, Classics, Fantasy
Features: Illustrations, Narrations
Keywords: classic stories, early readers, educational, fiction, fairy tales, learning, literacy, story picture books
Date Added: August 2, 2022