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Lifetime Access for $38 (Limited Time)

Lifetime Access (Limited Time)

We passed 1 Million pageviews!

To celebrate this major milestone, we're turning off recurring payments on the Butterfly Yearly Access Pass for a limited time and extending LIFETIME access to users who upgrade or purchase our Butterfly Access Pass.  The Butterfly Access Pass will let you read all existing and future books from our kid's ebook library for $38 LIFETIME- and NEVER pay the annual fee again.

That’s right. Only $38 for LIFETIME Access to our Kid's Book Library! 



Take advantage of this celebration sale by performing 3 simple steps and get your unlimited Butterfly Access Pass today:
Step 1: Sign In or Create your account:

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Step 2: Select or Upgrade to the Butterfly Yearly Access Pass for $38:
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*Note: Recurring payments will be disabled during this promotion, so you will never be charged again.

Step 3: Enjoy your lifetime membership and start reading from our growing library of award winning kid's books!


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