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Make way for the Witches…

Witches' Brew

Although Halloween has come & gone, we’re still feeling pretty “witchy” here at Pinwheel Books. Could it have something to do with Talia Aikens-Nuñez’s new book, OMG… Am I A Witch?!  Quite possibly! OMG… Am I A Witch?! is the enchanting & thoroughly modern tale of April, a little girl so fed-up with her bullying older brother that she turns him into a dog using a spell she finds on Google! Is April really a Witch? Will she be able to undo the spell in time? Is she going to be punished FOREVER? And will her brother ever stop growling at her? You’re little sorceress or sorcerer is sure to want to find out.

Witches' Brew 

On that note, we’d like to take this a bit further; delve a little deeper into the witch’s brew, if you will… Because witch’s are HOT & it’s not just us saying it!

Move over lovelorn, bloodthirsty vampires; take a hike snarling, baying werewolves & exit stage left rotting, brain-munching zombies! Make way for the Witches because it is their time to have their moment in the sun moon!

Since the beginning of recorded history, Witches have both fascinated & terrified us to no end. From the witch trials in both Europe & North America, to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, to housewife/sorceress Samantha on Bewitched to Wicked the musical celebrating it’s 100th performance on Broadway this past October 30th, we clearly had & STILL have a definite love/hate relationship with these enchantresses. While they may have never completely dropped off the radar, it’s safe to say that Witches are definitely back with a vengeance to reclaim their place at the top of the pop culture charts.

Witches on TV

Whether you like your Witches nefarious, like Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent (being played by none other than Angelina Jolie in an upcoming movie of the same name) or simply mischievous, like quirky Sabrina, the Teen Witch, Hollywood has taken notice and is making you wish (or spell) come true. Just this season alone, no less than 4 primetime television series' are either devoted to or have integral characters portraying Witches. While my favorite, & quite honestly the only one I watch, is the darkly intoxicating & horrifying American Horror Story: Coven, there are other, much less malevolent & way more family friendly options such as Witches of East EndThe Originals & Sleepy Hollow.

Witches in Movies & Books

On the big screen, the aforementioned Maleficent is slated to open in 2014, as is Into the Woods where Meryl Streep plays the ubiquitous “Witch in the woods”. On the literary front, adults can enjoy new releases by "America’s favorite novelist" (as deemed by The New Yorker), Nora Roberts. Her Dark Witch was recently released as well as & NY Times Best Selling Author Paula Brackston and her newest title, The Winter Witch. And as mentioned before, something for the little pretties, as well… Pinwheel Books’ OMG… Am I A Witch?! is a hilarious, bumbling adventure for your little one’s to enjoy! Because let’s face it… who doesn’t like a little magic & mischief mixed in with their fun?! Available NOW thru MagicBlox.

Some other Witch Flicks you may enjoy:  I Married a Witch (with classic screen siren Veronica Lake in the titular role), Bell, Book & Candle (with equally sultry Kim Novak) Disney’s Hocus Pocus (a Halloween mainstay for the last 20 years), The Witches (adapted from Roald Dahl’s book, author of Charlie & the Chocolate FactoryFantastic Mr. FoxJames & the Giant Peach & Matildaetc.), Teen Witch (a camp classic), The Witches of Eastwick (Sarandon, Pfeiffer & Cher, Oh my!), The Craft (grungy, nihilistic catholic school girls with great fashion sense running amuck in L.A., What's not to love?!)


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