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My New Baby Sister, A Hearts-Beared BookThere's a special love between a Big Sister and her Little Sister. At the more
Pages 46 Reads 171
Hawbear Rides the Chi-Cheemaun
Average: 4.3 (8 votes)
The first of the Hawbear Adventure Book series across Manitoulin Island. Hawbear meets a very special friend while more
Pages 23 Reads 281
Howie And The Wise Sun
Average: 3.7 (6 votes)
A story about a little boy name Howie, who learns about the value of more
Pages 35 Reads 520
The Bamboo Bear
Average: 4.1 (8 votes)
A baby panda explores the world around her and finds out about herself in the more
Pages 22 Reads 643
My First Picture Joke Book
Average: 4.2 (13 votes)
All children love a joke book, and what better way to start than with this highly entertaining picture book? Wonderful, more
Pages 30 Reads 604
The Butterfly Cycle Story
Average: 5 (4 votes)
A butterfly comes to dance in a meadow, setting off a miraculous chain of events that results in another butterfly more
Pages 26 Reads 274
Slowly but Surely for the Sloth
Average: 3.7 (7 votes)
A lost, little sloth has to find his way back to his mother. Along the way he meets many of the creatures of the more
Pages 26 Reads 409
The Magic in You, Making Changes in the Neighborhood, a Fairytale
Average: 5 (1 vote)
A fairy, Phloxie, who is told by the queen fairy that she has to take care of a trashy vacant lot in the city. She was more
Pages 35 Reads 99
Zinzi:  A Child's Journey to Self Fulfillment, Giving and Caring
Average: 3.8 (4 votes)
Zinzi is a family based, lovespun, magical journey to self discovery, building self esteem, and building self reliance. more
Pages 48 Reads 160
Average: 4 (1 vote)
Bad Veggies have invaded the land of Spry. And only Captain Greenspud, the Super Duper Hero Potato, can save the day! more
Pages 24 Reads 114