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My Favorite Animal: Owls

My Favorite Animal: Owls
My Favorite Animal: Owls
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What's your favorite animal? In My Favorite Animal: Owls, students will learn amazing facts about owls. Each My Favorite Animal book features interesting non-fiction at a 2nd-grade reading level paired with questions throughout the text to check the reader's comprehension. Sample Text: All owls fly without making a sound, except for fishing owls since they don’t need to fly silently over water. Their feathers have a soft edge that makes their flight silent. This makes them excellent predators since they can swoop down on their prey without being heard.

Book Details

Pages: 37
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781532406065
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Boys, Educational
Features: Illustrations, Photos
Keywords: baby owl, owl nocturnal, owl information for kids, night, owl, animals
Date Added: February 28, 2020