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Real Street Kidz: Art of Authenticity

Real Street Kidz: Art of Authenticity
Real Street Kidz: Art of Authenticity
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•Multicultural Children’s Books by Quentin Holmes •Easy-to-read, empowering and entertaining stories preteens (7-to-12 years old) •Available in softcover, & eBookQ, Chase, Los, and Lucky are back for another big adventure, this time the boys may have more trouble than they can handle! With each boy taking turns telling the story, they are still Chasing Action, when they meet an odd local t-shirt designer named Art. Art is a nice guy, but totally clueless about business. He's about to be put out of business by a ruthless designer named Shyne O.C. The boys attempt to help Art save his business but are soon faced with one of the biggest decisions they've ever had to make... be themselves and probably lose, or be like Shyne and win. The boys won't be able to do anything alone, this time they enlist the help of Jazz...and her friends! Find out whether the kids can put aside their differences and save the day, or learn the lesson that true victory comes by being yourself!

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Pages: 106
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0996210225
Categories: Action Adventure, Boys, Family & Friends
Features: Chapters
Keywords: multicultural, children's books, chapter books, adventure, middle grade, book series, coming of age, growing up
Date Added: March 19, 2018
CHAPTER 1 Up in the sky (According to Lucky) EVERYONE INSIDE OF THE skating park stadium stood to their feet cheering at the top of their lungs. The atmosphere was amazing, but nobody cheered louder than Q, Los, and me, Jason Chin, better known to my friends as Lucky. I got that name in school by kids who always used to tease me be- cause my family is a little richer than most. I mean, we are far from millionaires or anything, but as my dad always says “we are comfortable.” Until recently though, I never really felt that lucky, that was until a few weeks ago when I became friends with this amazing group of guys that I was cheering with. We call ourselves the Real Street Kidz. Real Street is the name of a street in the neighborhood where we all live. It’s located in Long Beach, California. It’s also the name of the amazing neighborhood center where we all hang out: the Real Street Neighborhood Center or RSNC for short. Plus, we take a little pride in the fact that we are true to ourselves and to each other. We keep it real in every way. That is what we vowed to be ever since we all met each other. It all started when I bumped into Q, a tough cool African- American kid from Brooklyn. For some reason he overlooked the fact that I’m kind of a nerd and we immediately became good friends. From there we added on Chase, a scruffy blonde- haired Caucasian-American kid who is the most amazing 1 skateboarder I’ve ever seen in person and a great guy too. And rounding out our group is Carlos or Los’ for short, a kid who has the brain of a young mechanical genius. He’s Mexican-American. He and I have actually known each other for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that we really became friends. I use to run into Los at a few of the parties where I was the DJ. I am Chinese-American. Some people think I’m pretty good at making beats and soundtracks, but my parents would be happier if I joined the family Chinese restaurant business.