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Meet Ophelia. Ophelia is a vampire who has lived for centuries. She likes cruising the club scene, classical literature, and men who know their place. Meet Emma. Emma is a werewolf who lives above the pack owned garage. She likes bacon, working on bikes, bacon, cute boys with big brown eyes, and bacon. Meet Sajan. Sajan is a Herbad, an apprentice Magi, who lives with his Dastur. He likes making people happy, hot girls in leather, and serving Ahura Mazda as a light shining against the darkness. Meet Jan. Jan is a Veiðimaðr, a monster hunter, who lives with his grandmother. He likes working out, making friends, and not getting knives thrown at him by his grandmother. Meet Agent Smith. Agent Smith works for the Federal government, keeping an eye on people like Ophelia, Emma, Sajan, and Jan. Agent Smith likes it when the people he keeps an eye on don't do anything... dramatic. This week Ophelia, Emma, Sajan, and Jan are going to meet for the first time. Drama is about to ensue.

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Pages: 425
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1508414278
Categories: Action Adventure, Magic
Features: Narrations
Keywords: furry, paranormal, warewolves, vampires, wizards, magic
Date Added: September 15, 2017
Unique There's a reason we let Agent Smith come into our home whenever he comes knocking Clauss growled softly and his hand reached out with the palm upwards held before Emma and waiting expectantly After a moment she handed him the crumpled ball of paper and watched as he carefully unfolded it smoothing it out on the table Then his finger pointed at one of the names on the list The McCalls You said there were no more hunters Emma Clauss glared at her as he dropped the news Last month they had an entire family of hunters show up in their town Both wolves at the table almost yelped in terror despite being in human form The stench of fear was strong as they digested this bit of news Hunters The ones who killed The humans who wielded silver and fire and devoted themselves to collecting pelts and other trophies from their kind It had the same impact as another family of a different cultural heritage might have experienced upon hearing news involving white sheets or swastikas Or a greater impact even Hunters weren't recent history when they showed up in a town looking for lycanthropes they were current events