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Tania's Costume Party

Tania's Costume Party
Tania's Costume Party
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Tania is invited to a costume party. Mama tells her she can go as whatever she likes. There are so many choices. Tania can't decide. Read on to find out what amazing costume Tania chooses.

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Pages: 15
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Family & Friends, Girls
Features: Photos
Keywords: costume, griffin, mythical creatures, bookworm, party
Date Added: October 23, 2014
Tanias Costume Party Kanika G Copyright by Kanika G website sitesgooglecomsitekanikagebookshome  Tanias Costume Party Tania had just received an invitation It was for her friend Karishmas birthday party But this wasnt just any ordinary party It was a costume party  Tania asked Mama what is a costume party Mama replied You have to dress up for a  costume party You can dress up as a fictional character like Noddy or as a person belonging to a certain profession like a doctor or a fireman or as a fruit or vegetable like a banana or as an animal like a cat You can choose whatever you like as long as you can make yourself look like it What should I dress up as You should think about what you want to go as Let me know once you decide and we will figure out how to make the costume together I can dress up as whatever I feel like asked Tania  Yes I will try my best to figure out a way to make the costume You can help me It will be fun The next day Tania was at the playground with her friends Tanisha and Sonali They were discussing the costume party Sonali said I  am going to go as a doctor My papa is a doctor and I want to be a doctor when I grow up Papa said I can carry a real stethoscope He has an extra one I promised to be very careful with it Tanisha said My mama said I should go as a bookworm I like books so she thinks it is a cute idea She is making the costume for me  Sonali asked Tania what are you going as Tania said I have not decided yet Mama said I can go as anything I like I love animals but I cant decide which Eagles are so majestic and they fly so I feel like going as an eagle But a lion is the king of the forest and it belongs to the cat family like Kazoo I cant decide between an eagle and a lion That night at dinner Tania told mama of her predicament She asked mama what she thought would be a better idea an eagle or a lion Mama said I can help you with either costume but you have to decide which one you want Tania kept oscillating between the two cho