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Tania's Martian Encounter

Tania's Martian Encounter
Tania's Martian Encounter
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Book 28 of the Tania Series. Scientists have found evidence of water on Mars. This makes big news, so Tania is interested in the Solar system and learns a lot about it. Tania's uncle is a scientist working on the Mars project. But has he ever come across Martian life? Would he tell Tania if he had? Is it possible that Tania actually encounters Martian life? How would that happen? Read on to find out.

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Pages: 24
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781310423819
Categories: Educational, Family & Friends, Girls
Features: Illustrations, Photos
Keywords: mars, aliens, solar system, science, family, life on mars
Date Added: October 7, 2015
Tanias Martian Encounter By Kanika G Edited by Pell G Copyright by Kanika G Dedicated to papa for inspiring some of the ideas Website httpssitesgooglecomsitekanikagebooks  Tanias Martian Encounter Tania was waiting for her uncle Karan to arrive Uncle Karan was a prankster He had helped Tania play a few practical jokes on her friends and Tania thought he was super cool Also there were some important things she wanted to discuss with him It all began on 29th September when the planet Mars had quite literally made a splash in the media NASA had just announced that there was evidence of water on Mars Mama said You know Tania your uncle Karan works for NASA I am sure he will have some interesting things to tell us when he visits in a few months  Tania had heard snippets of the news on television and asked Mama what is Mars Mama said Okay this is going to take some explaining Do you remember how I told you we live on planet Earth which is shaped like a ball Yes I still find that hard to believe The Earth looks so flat But you said that the Earth is a very big ball and we are tiny in comparison We only see a very very small part of the Earth at any time so it looks  flat Very good Tania And what do you know about the Sun The Sun is a ball of fire much much bigger than the Earth It only looks small because it is so very far away That is correct You can line up a Earths to fit across the Sun Also the Sun is so far away that you can line up about Earths from side to side between the Earth and the  Sun Can you imagine that Image shows the relative sizes of the Earth and the Sun No When I try I feel like my brain is going to collapse The Earth itself is so big I just cant imagine these enormous sizes  Mama smiled Yeah I find it hard to imagine too Anyway do you know why day and night follow each other I think so You once told me that the Earth spins like a top So different parts of it face the Sun at different times The half of the Earth facing the Sun gets sunlight a