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Robby's Quest: Thrills and Chills

Robby's Quest Book 4 of 4
Robby's Quest: Thrills and Chills
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Book Four. Written by D.C. Rush and illustrated by Daniela Frongia.The world is a very big place when you’re a little bird, but Robby and his flock of Robins, Mourning Doves, Sparrows and a lone Blackbird are determined to see as much of it as they can.Their latest trip takes them up the coastline from San Diego to San Francisco. This means that their friend Wanda the Whale can follow along too, bringing another Whale, Wilma, with her. Those aren’t the only friends the birds have. They also meet Rhonda the Red Fox, Ollie the Owl and Ellie the Eagle who all play a very important role when two baby Robins from Robby’s flock are kidnapped by a hawk.The birds see some amazing sights on their travels, such as giant Redwood trees and the Golden Gate Bridge. They also get to ride on roller coasters and do bird bungee jumping!This is another enjoyable and educational children's story from D.C Rush about friendship, loyalty, excitement and adventure with some unusual but charming heroes and heroines. 

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Pages: 59
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 197900790X
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Bed Time
Features: Illustrations, Chapters
Keywords: roller coaster, theme park, thrill, excitement
Date Added: July 17, 2015
Robby's Quest: Thrills and Chills, Written by DC Rush and Illustrated by Daniela Frongia. The birds were having a marvelous time while living in San Diego. The food was plentiful, the weather was delightful, and during their stay they made several new friends. There were those in the group that wanted to stay in San Diego and live a quiet, peaceful life, such as the Mourning Doves. They absolutely loved it there. Nothing could make them leave their new home. They adored Sadie and her Seagull friends and they found the park to be very peaceful and relaxing. No doubt about it, the Doves were staying. Other birds, like Joy and Josie, craved new adventures and were ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Ever since Joy was a little Sparrow, she knew she was destined for something great. Joy lived for excitement. As it turned out, Josie was just as daring as Joy. Because of their reckless nature, Joy’s mother Jill complained to everyone that she was aging fast. For sure, the girls kept Jill and her husband Jon on their toes. Deep down inside, they both loved that the girls were spirited and wanted to live life to its fullest. Jill and Jon’s only concern was that they could keep up with the two girls. During the Las Vegas trip, Joy’s brothers Jan, Jiff and Jeff stayed behind in San Diego. The three boys always regretted not coming along. They would not make that mistake again. Jiff in particular was upset with himself for missing out. Sometimes late at night, the birds shared stories of Las Vegas and the trip sounded wonderful. He enjoyed hearing about Penny the Pink Flamingo and Benny’s clumsy attempt at making a silhouette on top of the Luxor Pyramid. The boys could only imagine the sight of Benny posing under the powerful light! They rolled around laughing every time they heard that story. Oh, the memories they’d missed. Of course, the story about Hershey the Cat came up every now and then.