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Robby's Quest for Seed

Robby's Quest for Seed
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Book One. Robby is a Robin who has teamed up with his brother Ricky and some other birds, namely the perky Sparrow family, a group of Mourning Doves and Benny the Blackbird. In this story, the group of life-long feathery friends decide to fly south to Florida for the winter.Along the way, Joy, the youngest Sparrow, strays from the flock and lands in the backyard of Hershey, a very determined and hungry cat. Her parents and some of the other birds form a search party and hope they find her before it’s too late.The birds continue on their journey, only to discover their winter home has been destroyed by a hurricane. There’s no food and nowhere to build a nest. The little flock is hungry and exhausted. Should the birds stay and hope for the best? Or should they use their last energy to carry on flying west to Arizona?Robby’s Quest for Seed is a story about leadership, teamwork and friendship that both parents and children will enjoy. 

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Robby's Quest for Seed, Written by DC Rush and Illustrated by Daniela Frongia. It was a beautiful September morning. The leaves were turning bright red, orange and yellow and falling on the ground beneath the old maple tree. Maple trees were always so lovely in the fall, especially this tree planted well over one hundred years ago. The tree trunk and branches were huge and the tree seemed to tower over everything else the birds could see. On the tree was an old-fashioned wooden birdfeeder hanging from one of the lower branches. Some very wonderful people hung this birdfeeder on the maple several years ago. Birds from all over northeast Ohio flew to this tree. It was very well known and practically a bird national monument. On this particular morning, some of the birds were feeding at the maple tree birdfeeder while others were bathing in the ceramic birdbath. It was a joyous occasion. The birds could not be happier. Robby was a very handsome Robin. He had a beautiful red chest and he appeared confident and full of life as he waited his turn at the feeder. The same as every morning, the birds lined up on the six-foot-high block wall at the back of the yard. The row of birds resembled a busy city airport where the planes were waiting to take off. Today twelve birds were waiting their turn. The lining up approach seemed fair to everyone. If there were no rules, the larger birds could push the smaller ones around and they would never get any seed to eat. There was normally no time limit, so each bird could eat his or her share before moving on. Occasionally the Blackbirds spent a little too much time at the feeder but they were bigger birds and could eat more than the smaller birds. Most everyone agreed that this was a fair way to please everyone. Today was a very special day. Today was the day when all the birds would begin the journey south for the winter. Once arriving at their destination, it would be like spring break for birds.