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Antara Majumder

3 Ducks on a Bike
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Three ducks have an adventurous day riding a bike. But something unexpected happens and they fall off the bike. The more

Pages 22 Reads 41
Three Pigs on a Raft
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Three pigs, Curly, Pinky, and Floppy, float on a raft down a quiet stream. Suddenly, they feel a bumpity-bump-bump, more

Pages 20 Reads 2
The Too-Small House: A Fable
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Mrs. Dumpling, her many children, and her children’s many pets all live together in a too-small house. This book is more

Pages 26 Reads 5
A Kiss from Mommy
Average: 4 (2 votes)

The tender messages in this picture book differ from every other book about “mommy’s kisses.” Through rhyme which doesn’ more

Pages 26 Reads 55