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Shake the Moon Books

Founded in 2008, Shake the Moon Books is a brand new publisher of high quality, smart, engaging and creative books for children of all ages.  We pride ourselves in our colorful (in every sense of the word) take on everyday life experiences that you will love to cherish yourself and share with your own children for years to come. 

The company's first offering, entitled "Sofa Boy" is a fanciful, yet gripping depiction of the importance of moderation: in this case...a young boy's self control over videogame addiction!  Our titles convey the joy, mystery and carefree nature of youthful days long past, but carry with them a somewhat grown-up edge to the lessons learned, or the realities foretold. 

In short...we create books your kids will love for their whimsical ride, but you'll love for their nostalgic edge.