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BULLIED by Scott J. Langteau.  With illustrations by Erik Ly.
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Written by veteran Video Game Producer and bullying survivor Scott Langteau, "Bullied" is a modern-day inspired anti-bullying picture book that casts light on a route to self-acceptance and empowerment. Bullied follows the day-to-day struggles of 7 young targets of aggression along with their tormentors from adolescence to adulthood. Through the journey of this book the reader discovers that accepting and staying true to oneself and examining one's behavior and its motivations serve as powerful and empowering messages for both the bullied, and bully alike. For ages 8-12.

Book Details

Pages: 58
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0692143339
Categories: Educational, Family & Friends, Growing Up
Features: Illustrations, Photos, Narrations
Keywords: bullying, middle school, relationships, parenting, children's literature, behavior, books for preteens, bully, education, self worth
Date Added: March 8, 2019