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The Lost Kitten
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Fun sound-effects and whimsical music help tell the adorable tale of “The Lost Kitten.” Find out what happens when more

Pages 27 Reads 3
Tania's Cycling Adventure | MagicBlox Online Kid's Book
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This is the third book in a series if experiences of a pre-school girl named Tania. 4 year old Tania is a fairly more

Pages 22 Reads 22
The Little Lost Reindeer | MagicBlox Online Kid's Book
Average: 4.3 (3 votes)

It's not easy getting ready for Christmas.  Even the reindeer have to learn how to pull the sleigh.  But what happens more

Pages 18 Reads 202
Lost at the Fair
Average: 4.4 (11 votes)

In this fun-filled adventure, 5-year-old Doug visits a fair for the very first time and in all the excitement more

Pages 30 Reads 1,929