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The Month of Christmas - Day 21-25
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Days 21-25 of Christmas Month are so busy. The elves are finishing all the gifts, wrapping them and packing Santa's...read more

Pages 65 Reads 3
The Month of Christmas - Day 16-20
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Days 16-20 of Christmas Month are fun days. Learn about the elves' favorite Christmas cartoons and movies. See how they...read more

Pages 80 Reads 0
The Month of Christmas - Day 11-15
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Days 11-15 of Christmas Month are full of both indoor and outdoor activities. The elves love to make snow creatures and...read more

Pages 83 Reads 1
The Month of Christmas - Day 6-10
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Days 6-10 of Christmas Month are full of games. There are board games, card games, word games, thinking games and various...read more

Pages 106 Reads 1
The Christmas Santa Almost Missed
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It was Christmas Eve, and all of the elves and Santa Claus were excited to get all of the toys ready to deliver to...read more

Pages 27 Reads 14
Santa's Christmas List
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Santa Claus and his reindeer are just about to leave to deliver presents except for one little problem..."Where's the...read more

Pages 36 Reads 148
Eliana Asks, Why Are There Soooo Many Santas?
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A sweet Christmas story to answer that annual question. When Santa pops up at every turn you will know his secret.

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Pages 23 Reads 12