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Self Esteem (Page 1)

I Am Brave!
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I Am Brave! is a wonderful way for young children to learn social-emotional skills that will help them develop courage more

Pages 24 Reads 27
The New Bird
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The birds in the tree are gossiping about the new bird in the neighborhood. The new bird is different from the more

Pages 18 Reads 21
Classroom Rules
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A fun introduction to, or review of, classroom rules, inspired by the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It!” more

Pages 19 Reads 12
I Can Do Anything!
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difficult tasks, understanding feelings, learning from others, and more! Adorable art sweetly illustrates important more

Pages 24 Reads 5
The Most Important Day
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What is the most important day? Is it my first day of school? Or the day I learned how to skate? How about the day I more

Pages 18 Reads 12
Wash Your Hands
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“Wash Your Hands” is an entertaining story/song combination perfect to teach young learners the importance of more

Pages 12 Reads 7
Say Please And Thank You
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“Say Please and Thank You” is an entertaining story/song combination perfect to teach young children the importance more

Pages 12 Reads 3
Martin Luther King Jr.
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Martin Luther King, Jr. is a wonderful introduction for young readers to learn about this influential leader and more

Pages 36 Reads 12
Hello! A Welcoming Story
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The youngsters in this book encourage each other to be their unique and authentic selves. It is powerful for children more

Pages 66 Reads 3
A Kindness Remembered: A Fable
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In this modern fable, a blackbird yearns for more beautiful feathers, but ends up with a broken wing while flying more

Pages 34 Reads 11