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Lessons (Page 21)

From the Top of the Mountain
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High in the mountains of New Hampshire, there once lived a great and powerful boulder who believed he didn’t need more

Pages 48 Reads 19
Any Two Can Be Twindollicious
Average: 3.7 (7 votes)

Any Two Can Be Twindollicious is about a pair of spunky twins, Violet and Kelly, who love doing everything together, more

Pages 30 Reads 333
In a place far away, there live tennumbers who love to play. When 1 lines up with  2, they turn into  12. Turn around, they become 21. Lots of numbers they can make two by two. Why don’t you try to makesome too? Thus begins a fun, new way to learn numbers and counting.
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In a place far away, there live tennumbers who love to play. When 1 lines up with 2, they turn into 12. Turn around, more

Pages 34 Reads 152
The Owner's Manual for Driving your Adolescent Brain
Average: 5 (4 votes)

Think you know everything about your brain? Think again! In this exciting follow-up to Your Fantastic Elastic Brain, you’ more

Pages 80 Reads 219
Lucita viaja a la tierra-Twinkle goes to Earth
Average: 5 (1 vote)

It is the story of a star that dazzled by the beauty of Planet Earth, will come to know, but the surprise is that more

Pages 22 Reads 30
What does your dad do?
Average: 3.6 (7 votes)

What does your dad do? is a boys quest to discover what his father does at work. Each day he observes his dad's more

Pages 20 Reads 515
Clothes Have Feelings Too! Charlie Learns to Care for His Things
Average: 4.5 (2 votes)

-- Reading this to my children, I couldn't help but enjoy it myself. It's one of the sweetest books I have read in more

Pages 28 Reads 232
Living Green: A Turtle's Quest for a Cleaner Planet
Average: 4.7 (3 votes)

Tired of seeing the land he loves cluttered with trash, Thurman the turtle decides it’s time to take action. (A more

Pages 40 Reads 424
Fraidy Cat
Average: 4.8 (5 votes)

Mom's Choice Award Winner for Best Children's Book Values & Life Lessons--GoldAward more

Pages 32 Reads 166
The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin
Average: 4 (3 votes)

"The book your child will treasure forever." You'll be enchanted along with your little ones as you read them their more

Pages 221 Reads 170