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My Alphabet Nightmare

My Alphabet Nightmare
My Alphabet Nightmare
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My Alphabet Nightmare is about a little boy attempting to get away from the letters A through Z. Each letter springs to life and tries to capture him. At the end of the story he realizes it was all just a dream. Readers feel they are the main character of the story and anxiously anticipate the next alphabet letter’s action. Throughout the pages, objects corresponding to the letters have been strategically placed to create a search and find. This story helps children with color & letter recognition, phonemic awareness, rhyming and sequencing. Children enjoy hearing and reading this book over and over a gain.


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What a fun and memorable way to learn the alphabet sounds. The illustrations were brightly coloured and appealing.
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Customer Reviews: Alphabet Nightmare is now Clayton's favorite book. He asks me to read it to him everyday! I have him point to each letter as I read the rhymes and it is a great tool as he's learning the alphabet. We also act out the rhymes and I ask him to point out things he sees on each page. Honestly, he has really taken to it and it is a great learning tool for us. Now that he's into it - I can see the different layers of learning it provides. Am going to post the website on my page. Isha Metz Williams Lozetta, I am so impressed by your book and your website!! I love the bright, colorful illustrations as well. It is terrific to see you inspiring excellence in your own children, as well as children who will read your book. Congratulations! Beth Howell We just received your books in the mail! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! That was such a surprise, and my kids were sooooooo happy & excited to have their own books (cause I won't let them touch mine too much :-) Elysia was especially excited! She just kept reading it and reading it. She really loved that you wrote her a special message too! Something tells me we will be reading these books over & over again, I should know it by heart by tonight! Thanks Again!!! You made our day! Carmela Young
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My Alphabet Nightmare succeeds in making learning fun and engaging. The story helps children with color identification, letter recognition, phonemic awareness, rhyming and sequencing. Children enjoy having it read to them, reading it themselves and acting out the story. As they become more familiar with the plot, they are able to predict what will happen next. The book provides children of all ages something to relate to.

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Pages: 28
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1463514648
Categories: Action Adventure, Bed Time, Educational
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: adventure, funny, picture book, alphabet, educational
Date Added: January 24, 2012
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