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Adam's Cape: The Missing Crew

Adam's Cape: The Missing Crew
Adam's Cape: The Missing Crew
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Adam’s Cape is the swash buckling adventure of two cousins, Kaitlyn and Adam, who are transported from the beach where they are enjoying a family vacation together to Captain Green-Eyed Pirate's island. Captain Green-Eyed Pirate lost his crew and his treasure to Captain Billy One-Tooth. It’s up to Kaitlyn and Adam to help Captain Green-Eyed reclaim his treasure and save his crew.Kaitlyn Dorroh is a high school student who makes her home in North Carolina. She likes to hang out with friends, listen to music, and skateboard in her free time. She also has a YouTube channel, CK Vlogs, which she shares with her brother. Kaitlyn is involved in athletics and enjoys playing softball and cheering. Her favorite place to vacation is the beach. She loves writing and is passionate about helping Adam’s Cape, Inc. a non-profit established in honor of her cousin Adam who passed away at six years old. Through Adam’s Cape, Inc. she dedicates her time and talents helping children struggling with significant medical needs.She currently lives at home with her parents, her brother, Caleb, her Westie named Trooper, and her bunny named Raindrop. You can follow Adam’s Cape on Instagram @adams.cape.

Book Details

Pages: 68
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781951556822
Categories: Action Adventure, Boys
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: pirates, treasure hunt, friendship, family
Date Added: July 29, 2022