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A Kiss from Mommy

A Kiss from Mommy
A Kiss from Mommy
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The tender messages in this picture book differ from every other book about “mommy’s kisses.” Through rhyme which doesn’t miss a beat, we see the many ways a little girl’s mommy uses kisses to teach, coax, soothe, encourage, play and convey a myriad of other expressions of love. This story is also unique in showing the way a mother’s loving kisses are passed down from generation to generation, providing a satisfying ending, with the newest generation about to receive her rich inheritance. If you are a mother with a young daughter, buy this book for her—you’ll both treasure it!

Book Details

Pages: 26
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
Categories: Bed Time, Embracing Diversity, Growing Up
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: growing up
Date Added: November 1, 2021