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Adventures Of The Forest Chinchas: Lost In Space

Adventures Of The Forest Chinchas: Lost In Space
Adventures Of The Forest Chinchas: Lost In Space
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This is Book 9 in the series of 10 with Alexis and the kits going on their first far away adventure to the ALMA observatory. They are treated as special guests and are given a tour of the world famous facility. Mr. Harry makes improvements to the old shed and the living quarters of the families. Set in the lower Andes, this series of ten books starts off with two Fancy Rats (sisters Simore and Agatha) wanting to leave their cage and go on an adventure. They meet two Chinchillas (Mo and Jose) by chance and they take them on risky adventures around their forest. The Chinchillas show them the beauty of their domain as well as the risks.  They are chased by a big black dog (Jake) as well as foxes. They make friends with a bird (Elaenia) that tries to keep them safe and on the right track. The series of books continues with additional characters and adventures introduced into the subsequent books. The adventures are continued with the Kits of Mo and Jose in book three. Agatha and Simore become doting aunts to them showing them love as well as discipline.

Book Details

Pages: 90
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Educational, Environment
Features: Illustrations, Photos, Chapters
Keywords: chinchillas, fancy rats, cavies, alma observatory, space.
Date Added: October 30, 2020