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Bag Boy and Sweet Slob

Bag Boy and Sweet Slob
Bag Boy and Sweet Slob
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Zoom Into Books Author  Bag Boy recycles bags of every kind to help others. He meets Sweet Slob, and after seeing her messy room, offers to help. A friendship and small business is born!                   LOVED THIS SMALL STORY WITH A BIG MESSAGE! Having a “hobby that helps people” is an inspiring ideal for kids today, (or for any age)! Growing up in these times cannot be easy, so this book is like a blueprint for at least one small solution. Wonderfully detailed through its drawings and nicely crafted words, it portrays that awkward age when peers can be so judgmental. Surprising to themselves, two outsiders with vast differences find a common bond and discover their humanity by helping their community and in turn, themselves.  “TOTALLY” INSPIRING READ! ——PJ Soles, actress- star of Halloween, Stripes, Carrie, Rock and Roll High School 

Book Details

Pages: 44
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781951556464
Categories: Boys, Embracing Diversity, Environment
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: recycle, friends, family, business ideas
Date Added: October 4, 2020