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Winter Mouse

Winter Mouse
Winter Mouse
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Marty Mouse has a problem. The problem comes in a form of orange fur and weighs about twenty pounds. In order for Marty Mouse to thrive happily, he must do something drastic. Siegfried has no patience for the little creature who dwells within the walls of his home and wants nothing more than to rid himself of the pest and will do whatever it takes to win back Granny's affections for himself. This is not your average cat and mouse story and has quite an unexpected twist in the end. A keeper on your child's shelves and a wonderful bedtime story they will want to read over and over again. 

Book Details

Pages: 31
Reading Level: Beginner (1 to 6)
Language: English
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Bed Time
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: bed time stories, funny mouse books, kids books, animals, mouse
Date Added: August 19, 2020