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Discover Alligators & Crocodiles

Discover Alligators & Crocodiles
Discover Alligators & Crocodiles
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Discover Reading Level 3 Nonfiction Reader Learn all about alligators and crocodiles in this nonfiction reader. Students will develop vocabulary and understanding of the species and their characteristics. Sample Text: Alligators and crocodiles look very similar and are sometimes difficult to tell apart. Alligators have shorter heads, more “U-shaped” snouts and only their top teeth are visible when their mouths are closed. Crocodiles have longer heads and more “V-shaped” snouts. If you look at them from the side, when their mouths are shut most of their teeth are visible. Crocodiles are also much more aggressive than alligators.

Book Details

Pages: 34
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781532405389
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Boys, Educational
Features: Illustrations, Photos
Keywords: reptiles, alligators and crocodiles, beginning reader, easy reader, alligator facts, animals
Date Added: March 4, 2020