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Felicia and the Rat

Felicia and the Rat
Felicia and the Rat
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This is a story about a rat who finally found some friends to play with...really.   Louie lives high up on a rooftop. Sometimes he feels lonely. He likes to play the drums, but he doesn’t have anybody to play with. Down on the street however, it’s a different story.  When the moon is high in the sky, the cats come out to play. Louie plays along from his rooftop home. He dreams of one night going down there and playing along with those cats, but they might not want to play with him.  You see, Louie, well...he’s a rat. Now, this wouldn’t be a story if he hadn’t gone down and asked Felicia, who sings and plays guitar, if he could play with them...would it? Includes 11 original soundtracks for instant listening!  “The story of a rat wanting to play in the ‘Cats”’band is amazing unto itself, but add in a CD that will make any Django Reinhardt fan swoon. The instrumentation and playing is superb.  The guitar playing is out of this world. Mr. Magellan scratches a jazzy, drum ability, not seen in his playing before.”        Warner E. Hodges, musician  “I love the music; a dollop of Americana, and a little bit of country with a touch of Celtic.”   Bun E. Carlos, Rock ´n Roll Hall of Famer Drummer

Book Details

Pages: 32
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-63233-164-9
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Imagination, Self Esteem
Features: Illustrations, Music
Keywords: jazz, music, rat, cat, self-esteem
Date Added: November 5, 2017