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Hopping to America: A Rabbit's Tale of Immigration

Hopping to America: A Rabbit's Tale of Immigration
Hopping to America: A Rabbit's Tale of Immigration
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 It's a Rabbits Tale of immigration from Italy to the United States and landing on Ellis Island to be processed for entry to the USA. The rabbits venture on to Clarksburg, WV, taking their Italian heritage and culture to their new home.  What People Say  "This wonderful story shares with how families blend into a new country, make friends, and yet carry with pride all of the customs of their family.  It is about the celebration of our lives and values wherever we are and perfect for all ages to read together." --Gayle Manchin, Former First Lady of WV and wife of Senator Joe Manchin  "Growing up in Clarksburg, WV, the Italian Heritage Festival was a big part of life for my family and me. Reading this story brings back all of those wonderful festival memories of celebrating our heritage."—Angela Bellotte, 2014 WV Italian Heritage Festival Italian-American Woman of the Year  "Joby's adventure teaches him about heritage, tradition, and community—creating a strong knot about the importance of family, bravery, and the strength it takes to seek a better life without forgetting the beauty of their homeland."—Frank Devono Jr, Regional Manager Medical Equipment technology, Vice President Board of Education, HarrisonCountyWest Virginia  

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Pages: 32
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781882658596
Categories: Action Adventure, Animals & Creatures, Boys
Features: Illustrations
Keywords: immigration, immigrants, italy, west virginia, rabbits, recipes
Date Added: September 4, 2016
Reader's Favorite International Book Award
New York Book Festival Award
 They were born in the country of Italy They were an Italian family Joby and his grandparents Nonno and Nonna along with his parents Mamma Rosa and Papa Luigi and his two sisters Annabella and Maria made the decision to leave Italy and travel on a big ship across the ocean to the United States of America   They left their home and friends but could never part with their Italian customs traditions and way of life They were sad and happy at the same time about their new American life It took almost a month to get to America All they could see was water There was not much food for the bunnies to share and some of the food they had never eaten before like bananas The tables were set with a tin cup and a tin plate for each meal  Many languages were spoken on the ship not just Italian All the pas sengers had to be checked out by the doctors The doctors mostly looked at their eyes which Joby thought was just silly because rabbits have great eyesight thanks to all of those carrots  Finally they arrived All the bunnies moved to the side of the ship to see the beautiful lady in the sky the Statue of Liberty they called her Mamma Rosa could not believe her eyes which were full of tears The bunnies clapped and cheered Police bunnies asked all the passengers to get into lines behind the chalk marks For a little while Jobys family was separated but they were lucky enough to find each other again Some bunnies did not get to stay in the new land and had to travel back to Italy The big ship landed on the shores of Ellis Island They scampered and scurried to grab their suitcases all the while looking at the tall buildings The door to America was opened for the Riepule family It was a strange land The people spoke English and Papa Luigi did not understand their questions