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Misty May/Kerri Walsh: Dynamic Duo

Misty May/Kerri Walsh: Dynamic Duo
Misty May/Kerri Walsh: Dynamic Duo
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Misty May-Treanor &  Kerri Walsh Jennings are widely regarded as the greatest women’s beach volleyball team of all time. Winning an unprecedented three Olympic titles, the golden pair stood atop medal podiums in Athens, Beijing, and London. The first children’s biography on the legendary beach volleyball team profiles each athlete’s individual journeys from promising young player to Olympic champion. Packed with exciting photos and enthralling anecdotes, Misty May/Kerri Walsh: Dynamic Duo will awe and inspire young readers.  

Book Details

Pages: 50
Reading Level: Advanced (9 to 13)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-938438-94-3
Categories: Educational, Health & Sports
Features: Illustrations, Photos, Chapters
Keywords: rio olympics, london, women, simone biles, katie ledecky
Date Added: September 15, 2017