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Hamilton Troll and the Case of the Missing Home

Hamilton Troll and the Case of the Missing Home
Hamilton Troll and the Case of the Missing Home
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Why does Hamilton Troll live next to a tree stump? Chatterton Squirrel asks this question one spring day, so Hamilton shares the story about how this whole thing began. While trying to stay warm one cold December morning a loud rumbling noise brought Hamilton out of his hole to discover his tree was gone! In order to solve the mystery of the missing tree, Hamilton and Merle Mouse go to Rachel Raccoon for help. Rachel then tells everyone about Christmas and explains why Hamilton's tree was taken. Curious about this, Hamilton decides to go see what this day is all about and in doing so, discovers the magic of Christmas.

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Pages: 41
Reading Level: Intermediate (6 to 9)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-941345-15-3
Categories: Animals & Creatures, Educational, Fantasy
Features: Illustrations, Narrations, Sounds
Keywords: hamilton troll, mystery, rhyming, christmas, tree, missing home, friends
Date Added: May 10, 2016
2015 First Place Children's Educational Series
It was a wonderful day that was almost over while these two were walking home. Chatterton Squirrel noticed the really big leaves That Hamilton called his dome. “You told me a story,” he started to say At least part of it I think, About a rainy day and how you met a Sprite That I think you said is Pink. You had said how she helped you one day long ago To protect your home’s open hole, To help keep it from flooding, when the rain would drip down This was your ultimate goal. But why, may I ask, did you dig your home here? When there are so many trees over there?” Hamilton smiled just a bit as he thought “I can tell you, but go grab a chair.” - A few years ago. - It was a very cold December day, when this tale begins, The leaves had fallen from the trees, thanks to the blowing winds. But Hamilton’s tree stood proud and tall, evergreen as it could be, The smell of pine was very strong, from this amazing tree. Hamilton sat there alone in his home, trying to stay warm, When suddenly the sound of something bad started up like a thunder storm. It was really quite noisy, it growled and screamed, not like the thunder does And it kept on growling without a breath, Hamilton didn’t know what it was. Afraid to come out of his hole at that time, He trembled in the dark and hid, As pieces of pine needles fell in his hole, Hamilton shivered, he did. Then all of a sudden as quick as it started, The awful loud sound finally stopped. And as the bright of the day shone in through his hole, The final pine needle had dropped.